Smarter sales and marketing
with ACRE

Because sustained growth demands that businesses not only win but keep customers and sell them more products and services, we have developed a four part method to ensure that every phase in the process receives the optimum attention.

Our ACRE Method delivers a powerful combination of effectiveness and efficiency so that you can achieve higher conversion rates and a much lower cost of sale. It is designed to work for both customers and employees. And it is optimised to work for the two main routes prospects use when looking to buy – personal recommendation and the web.



We enable you to attract more customers at less cost by ensuring that you have a highly differentiated and compelling proposition and messages that are built on genuine competitive strengths. We unlock this proposition by using our BrandStorm facilitation workshop and then bring it to life through creative copywriting and digital assets such as websites and videos. We make sure your proposition expresses the value received by customers and won’t let you fall into the trap of creating a me-too proposition that just describes what you do.

We also ensure that you focus on the customer segment where you have the greatest chance of success – otherwise you waste money just competing to lose.



Attracting lots of prospects is a waste of time and money if you don’t convert them on arrival. By utilising intelligent SEO and other digital techniques, we help to ensure that prospects see and hear what they expect, receive the proof they need to build confidence and that you convert their desire to find out more without expecting them to navigate all round your website.

In a perfect world convert should mean ‘buy now’. But for those who are at an early stage in the sales process, we also convert them by capturing their data and ensuring that they are not lost to the sale pipeline by using that data in a simple marketing automation process.



We help you keep customers longer by providing very effective listening services using the Net Promoter* metric which helps you identify if you are missing, meeting or exceeding expectations. This also identifies what you do that wows customers and where you need to improve. And, finally, our listening services also identify which marketing techniques bring the best customers so you can streamline activity at the Attract and Covert phases.

We use what we learn to act as an early warning system for customers who may be about to churn so that you can take remedial action. We also identify advocate customers – those who are highly disposed to recommending you positively – and capture endorsements in video and text format to deliver a powerful trust factor for your business. These endorsements not provide the customer proof needed to Attract and Convert prospects but also give existing customers the reminder they need to stay loyal.

And, to retain customers longer we use the output of our listening to create communications programmes that are designed to increase loyalty through direct engagement and involvement.



We ensure that existing customers can be a major provider of growth by identifying those who are ready to buy again or to buy new and additional products. Our customer feedback services identify who is primed for upselling and cross-selling. In fact, our Extend services are proven to deliver more effective product launches by pre-priming the market and ensuring that existing customers are the first to buy.

Engage customers and employees with
the Onva Advocacy Loop

We use the power of engagement and involvement psychology, such as the Hawthorne Effect, to drive word of mouth recommendations and sales. The Onva Advocacy Loop is a continuous communication process that turns customers into a volunteer salesforce.

  • Increase sales – we have seen the ‘definitely will buy’ score increase by 10% in just six months
  • Pre-prime the market for product launches – we’ve seen one company deliver the best launch in 50 years without any advertising
  • Increase loyalty – we’ve seen Net Promoter Scores improve by as much as 23 percentage points in six months
  • Deliver smart ideas – we’ve seen customers and employees share ideas that have saved millions and concepts for new products
Onva Advocacy Loop

Message and Proposition Development

Competitive advantage starts with a compelling, unique and defendable proposition. Too often, organisations in the same market present ‘me too’ propositions to their prospects by describing what they do and not the value they deliver. We help change that by running a BrandStorm.

This is a proposition development workshop for the most senior people in your business that isolates the value that you deliver and then uses this as the foundation for all communication internal and external. By the end of the workshop all participants will be aligned around a new, more compelling proposition. It is this alignment that makes it easy to convert the message identified into action that accentuates your strengths and differences.

Our BrandStorm is the perfect foundation for sustainable growth and provides the direction needed to deliver marketing, PR and sales campaigns that convert better.


Attracting and Retaining Customers

We have a portfolio of services that support key stages in the ACRE Method and can be delivered as standalone projects or as part of an integrated programme to drive marketing and sales growth. Because we recognise that prospects use two main sources of information to decide on what to buy – someone they know or the Internet – we have developed services that focus on enhancing your performance in these two areas. Below you will find brief summaries of these services.

Customer feedback and the Net Promoter Score

If you want to know how to win, retain and sell more to customers, the best people to ask how to do it are your current customers. We’ve developed very effective ways to ‘listen’ to customers as part of customer experience management, customer loyalty and product or service development. These include:

  • Net Promoter Score surveys – we provide these in multiple languages and across multiple territories for both B2C and B2B companies
  • Listening Labs – these are in-depth facilitation workshops with volunteer customers that create customer-generated priorities for action
Customer Engagement

We have developed customer engagement into a science that pays off in the bottom line by turning them into a volunteer salesforce that refers and recommends.

Our award-winning four step approach helps a business improve its performance by engaging and involving customers.

  • Listen / Prioritise

    Through a ‘closed loop’ process underpinned by Net Promoter®

  • Involve / Improve

    Through a systematic engagement process that turns customers into advisers to build advocacy, stimulate positive word of mouth (WOM) and drive sales

  • Innovate / Create

    By using the collective creativity of your customers to create new solutions to both internal process challenges and external product or service challenges or opportunities

  • Socialise

    We use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn etc to make your engagement campaigns even more contagious to drive recommendations, trial and sales.

Our approach works, because we:

Segment Your Customers

Using the Net Promoter Score – into those who are loyal, those who will leave and those who may be persuaded to leave by a competitor – and then deliver campaigns to capitalise on this insight to create more loyal customers who are pre-disposed to buy and buy more often, cross-selling/up-selling, recommending and providing vital honest feedback.

Use Proven Social Psychology

Such as the Hawthorne Effect – to trigger the desired reaction and to build loyalty and advocacy. This approach creates a number of positive reactions in the brain that triggers personal conversations and recommendations online and offline that deliver valuable business results.

Digital marketing

We bring your compelling proposition to life through a wide variety of digital marketing services. These include but are not limited to:

  • Websites – we develop the content to make your website convert better
  • Videos – our explainer videos work harder in conveying the reasons to buy from you
  • Webinars – we attract prospects by accentuating your expert status
Lead Generation

We create the awareness, thought-leadership and endorsement you need to connect to both business and lifestyle motivators and encourage people to buy. We do this to reach major influencers in both traditional media and the blogosphere and also to deliver direct to audience communications via social media.

Attracting and Retaining Employees

We have a portfolio of services that support key stages in the ACRE method and can be delivered as standalone projects or as part of an integrated programme to enhance employee performance and drive growth. Below you will find brief summaries of these services.

Employee feedback and the Net Promoter Score

If you want to know how to attract, retain and develop best-fit employees, the best people to ask how to do it are your current employees. We’ve developed very effective ways to ‘listen’ to employees as part of integrated people development programmes. These include:

  • Employee Net Promoter Score surveys – we call these 'Why would I want to work here' surveys and we provide these in multiple languages and across multiple territories for both B2C and B2B companies
  • Listening Labs – these are in-depth facilitation workshops with volunteer employees that create employee-generated priorities for action
Employee Engagement

Onva’s approach to employee engagement drives improvement, advocacy and the adoption of change.

Our breakthrough four-step approach helps a business improve its performance by engaging and involving employees.

  • Listen

    Through a ‘closed loop’ process underpinned by Net Promoter®

  • Involve / Engage

    Through a systematic engagement process that turns employees into advisers to build advocacy, stimulate positive word of mouth (WOM) and drive the adoption of change

  • Innovate

    By using the collective creativity of the workforce to create new solutions to both internal process challenges and external product or service challenges or opportunities

  • Correlate

    To accelerate the commercial impact of customer engagement we capitalise on social media platforms wherever possible.

Our approach works because we segment your employees into those who are loyal, those who will leave and those who may be persuaded to leave by a competitor – and then deliver campaigns to capitalise on this insight to create more loyal employees.

Recruitment and Training

We’ve developed a way to reduce the cost and increase the success of recruitment. And, once you’ve hired, we have smart training packages that increase personal, team and organisation-wide effectiveness.

To achieve this we use a combination of Colour Profiling and our Attract and Retain methodology (ACRE Method) across




  • 1. Initial Applicants

  • 2. Shortlisted Applicants

  • 3. Employee Induction

  • 4. First time Managers

  • 5. Directors

Smarter Recruitment (STEPS 1-2)

Because we look at everything from a communications perspective, we understand what impact an employee’s natural behavioural preferences will have on the way they go about their work and how they interact with others. Using our expertise with C-Me colour profiling*, we help our clients select employees that have behaviour that is well matched to the needs of a specific job role.

*C-Me colour profiles have been optimised for use in recruitment and then personal development. We help you to use these at all steps in the employee journey. There are free summary reports accessed via an App to help at the sifting stage and more detailed personal profiles that can aid decision-making at the shortlist stage.

Click here to find out more about C-Me Profiling and the Free C-Me App.

We use them in an intelligent and sequenced process for:

STEP 1 - Smarter recruitment sifting

We add colour profiling to other sifting techniques you already use, to ensure that shortlisted candidates have natural behavioural preferences that are well matched to the job role concerned. There’s no point hiring an eclectic thinker if you need someone with rigorous attention to detail.

We help by:

  • Creating a perfect colour profile for the target job
  • Providing you access to a free App that enables every applicant to share a summarised colour profile with you
  • Guiding you on how to interpret what you receive to produce the optimum shortlist for interview.

STEP 2 - Interviews with shortlisted applicants or support for Recruitment Assessment Days

Once you’ve created a shortlist for interview – or for attending a recruitment assessment day - we provide value in the following ways:

  • Access to an enhanced colour profiling report at a cost of just £4.99. The applicant can pay and be reimbursed at interview. The extra detail can help you to ask insightful questions at the interview
  • Consulting advice on sample questions to ask applicants based on their profile and preferences
  • Support at interviews and observing group exercises at assessment days.
Smarter Training (STEPS 3-5)

But we don’t stop at helping you to recruit people who are well matched to their roles - we also help you to ensure that the people you hire rapidly become an effective part of the team. We do this by delivering highly targeted training that draws on the insight provided by the Colour Profiles. We also use our unique Training Labs to identify exactly what training is required to meet the needs of the business and the people in the business. The Lab takes up to seven employees through a series of facilitated exercises to ‘surface’ the areas of greatest training need.

The beauty of the C-Me colour profiling system is that it enables you to produce reports of increasing depth and value as the seniority and importance of the employee increases. For example we can provide access to:

  • A report for just £25 which can be the foundation for an induction process tailored to a person’s natural preferences; a PDP or, a team interaction plan
  • A 10 to 12 page report for £65 which provides significant depth for more senior personnel
  • A similar report at £99 which looks at the individual in the context of team interaction.

STEP 3 - Becoming an effective communicator

We use C-Me behavioural profiling to help people understand their own communications preferences and what impact these have on other people. We use this ‘understanding of self’ as a foundation for giving people the skills and techniques they need, to adapt their communications style to the needs of different people. This helps businesses grow more quickly by ensuring that everyone in the team has a better understanding of what is required, has bought-in to the tasks allocated to them and is capable of raising issues to ensure that deadlines are not missed. This training also helps to improve sales effectiveness and ensure that each interaction – with internal and external audiences - delivers a better result.

We can also provide advice on how to use an employee’s colour profile in association with their Personal Development Plan and for smarter team building.

STEP 4 - First time manager training

We help first-time managers to fulfil their new role in a team by delivering five modules designed to address the most common challenges they face. These include: how to communicate effectively so that they get buy-in from the people who report to them; how to delegate effectively without impacting productivity; how to free time to develop people who report to them; how to manage upwards in a way that brings solutions not problems and, how to create ‘distance’ between them and their former peers whilst retaining a motivational environment that ensures the achievement of objectives.

STEP 5 - Director training

Inevitably, the more senior one becomes, the more important leadership skills become. We help our clients ensure that departmental leaders have the ability to operate like a leader through training that is tailored to the needs of the organisation.

Buy what you need

We can help you on a one-off basis at any of the steps described above or become your recruitment and training partner who helps you grow by attracting and retaining better quality employees.

Because colour profiling runs through all our training, you will see that each additional training module reinforces an employee’s understanding of how their natural preferences impact their personal effectiveness and the productivity of those around them.

The strength of our approach is that we create a bespoke solution for you. There are no ‘off the shelf’ courses – just training that is targeted at the needs of the business. And, because we involve employees in our Training Labs to surface needs, we achieve much higher employee buy-in into the training programme we help you design.

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