Onva was founded to help businesses grow by using conversational marketing and sales. We were formed to capitalise on the fact that we live in the recommendation generation and that the rise of social media means organisations can now afford to have direct relationships with all their audiences. As a result, our award-winning thinking has saved and earned our clients millions of pounds by delivering a word-of-mouth advantage.

All our services are aimed at increasing revenue and profit by improving the effectiveness of sales and marketing through the close engagement of our clients’ customers and employees – regardless of whether they are business buyers or consumers. Our approach is proven with organisations of all sizes, no matter what sector or niche. It focuses on increasing loyalty and advocacy and then capitalising on this by getting customers and employees to recommend positively, co-create content and share innovative ideas.


Are your messages compelling enough
to win new customers?

We believe a compelling proposition is the foundation for success. So we put our BrandStorm message development service at the heart of our ACRE methodology to ensure that all communications by our client delivers a competitive advantage. We then bring those messages to life in creative campaigns and digital assets that convert people on arrival.

The power of conversational marketing
and sales

Positive experiences trigger the desire to recommend.

Our work triggers the desire to recommend on a repetitive basis by treating customers and employees as advisers. As proof of the power of this approach our thinking has delivered more than 100,000 advocate advisers to one brand alone. And it cut customer acquisition cost from £75 for direct mail to less than £3 a head via our direct engagement model.

We reduce customer churn; de-risk business decisions; increase employee loyalty, and have always delivered a significant return on investment. It’s a simple and refreshing philosophy we help our clients adopt; put your customers and employees at the heart of your business and turn them into a volunteer sales force.

Using Net Promoter to drive loyalty
and word of mouth

How many of your customers churned in the last six months?

How many will churn in the next six months and how much of your business budget do you focus on driving personal recommendations versus, PR, advertising and direct mail to hit your sales goals?

We can give you answers to all these questions by using Net Promoter*. And we can add a new conversational marketing approach that turns your promoters into a volunteer sales force.

*Net Promoter is a registered trademark of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Bain & Company and Fred Reichheld. For more information about NPS visit:



One of the services Onva delivers is PR where we create the awareness, thought-leadership and endorsement you need to connect to both business and lifestyle motivators and encourage people to buy.

As part of our growth strategy, we are proud to announce that we’ve recently become a member of the Worldcom Public Relations Group – a global partnership of some of the finest PR firms in the world.

What does this Partnership mean for you?

Worldcom is a partnership of some of the smartest, most experienced independent agencies across the globe. It therefore gives us, and you through us, global access to best in class communications services. You can now save yourself the time and effort to research and vet other resources as we will have the right solution at your disposal – tailored to your needs – that will help you succeed globally.

Whatever your communication challenge or geographic requirement you face, we can provide you with the required knowledge and solution to deliver the desired results.

What does this Partnership mean for us?

Worldcom is not an organisation any agency can just join, but the agencies must qualify for and meet stringent admission standards. We therefore have global connections to some of the most experienced PR minds in virtually any geography, industry and/or marketing communication discipline in the world.

if you want to grow more quickly

Meet the Team

  • Crispin Manners
    Crispin Manners CEO and Founder

    Crispin founded Onva to help growth-oriented businesses achieve their goals by attracting and capitalising on advocate customers and employees. He has over 30 years running both public and private businesses and leading Boards of membership organisations. He has embodied all the benefits of this experience in Onva’s ACRE methodology.

    He is a recognised authority in harnessing the power of Word-of-Mouth to help organisations grow and has developed the Onva Advocacy Loop – a breakthrough approach for increasing the recommendability of products, services or brands. He is the architect of the UK first in consumer engagement developed for the Simple beauty brand, which won the inaugural Web 2.0 award from the PRCA.

    He has also taken the Net Promoter Score (NPS)* – the world-class metric developed by Bain & Company and Satmetrix,– and adapted it to become an invaluable foundation for improvement, innovation and growth. He has embedded NPS as the foundation research technique for Onva’s customer and employee engagement services. And, he is one of the leading exponents of Net Promoter in the UK.

    He has delivered creative communications solutions for brands as diverse as Cisco, Simple and Unilever and is the creator of the award-winning communications planning and management regime – ValueFlow – that won for his firm – Kaizo – the accolade of the UK’s Innovative Company of the Year in 2003.

    He became CEO of The Argyll Consultancies PLC in 1990 and during his tenure (he stepped down to create Onva in April 2007) he led the company to be the fastest growing PR company in the UK in 1991, the No.2 performer over a decade in 1997 and one of the Top 5 PR firms to work for. In 2001 his company was ranked Ofex Company of the Year.

    He is a regular speaker about advocacy as the driver of growth, a Fellow and past Chairman of the Public Relations Consultants Association (PRCA), a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR), a Fellow of the Institute of Directors, a Freeman of the Guild of PR Practitioners and a past Chairman of the European region of the Worldcom PR Group

  • Marta Muir
    Marta Muir Consultant

    Marta has the skills, tenacity and drive to ensure that we deliver on our promises for clients. Armed with a first class degree in International Business, Marta is equally at home developing strategies for clients as she is in delivering detailed marketing campaigns and projects.

    She is a regular contributor to our BrandStorm sessions with clients and also manages a range of campaigns and initiatives for clients, including: a LinkedIn Group targeted at property directors, channel partner programmes in the IT sector, event management at exhibitions and, customer and employee feedback.

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