An insightful and enjoyable way to help you to discover how to get the best from yourself, your team and others

C-meTM is simple, clear, accurate and easy to use. Essentially C-me focuses on preferred ways of doing things* rather than technicalities and psychological language.

For You

Get an immediate insight into your deeper potential that can lead to even better personal and professional choices and so can improve your life and career prospect.

For Your Company


    Get the right people into the right roles at less cost and develop an understanding of how to get the best from each other. We offer:

Smarter recruitment sifting
Consulting advice on sample questions to ask applicants based on their profile and preferences
 Support at interviews and observing group exercises at assessment days.


    Increase engagement and productivity within teams by helping people understand their own communications preferences and what impact these have on other people.

We offer:

Become an Effective Communicator Training
First Time Manager Training
Director Training

   Talent retention and improved client relationships are natural outcomes.

* C-me is normally uncannily accurate. It was developed by The Wilsher Group, whose years of working with groups has helped hone an understanding of real practical preferences.

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