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In 1996, my agency and eight other European agencies, that had worked together for years, joined Worldcom Public Relations Group. We did so because we knew our clients needed access to agencies just like ours in every corner of the globe.

We chose Worldcom because Worldcom partners behave like us. They deliver immediate impact for clients and then sustain it. It was a good decision for us and for our clients.

Right now, we are all focused on helping clients to rise to the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic AND to create strategies and campaigns that will enable them to emerge stronger from the crisis. While this pandemic is unique, global crises are not. In the 24 years we have been part of Worldcom, the world has faced two significant recessions – the dot com crisis exacerbated by 9/11 and the financial crisis of 2008. In both cases we were able to help our clients perform strongly despite the challenges.

There are many reasons why this is possible. One is that the rigour of our partners’ planning always incudes a perspective on the future. This discipline means that any action we take, takes account of changed and changing audience expectations and needs. Another is that our partners capture and share the status of their local market so that our action can be adapted to local needs, and thus deliver against global objectives. This investment in global and local understanding is personified in the Worldcom Confidence Index which captures what CEOs and CMOs are most confident and concerned about. Previously an annual report, Worldcom has responded to the information needs of the COVID-19 crisis by producing insights monthly from over 54,000 leaders from every country in the world. Our ability to deliver impact and sustain it needs this depth, breadth and currency of insight.

As a result of this collective approach, the last 24 year have been punctuated by amazing campaigns for our clients and great achievements by my colleagues. I’ve made friendships that last and I learn something new every day. Together we have always been stronger than we are apart.


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